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How to set up and learn Python coding on a Mac

Lucy Hattersley | March 1, 2016
Learn to code in Python on a Mac with our guide to installation, setup and training courses

Terminal should run the program and display "Hello, World!"

That is, at its most basic, how you create and run Python programs in a text edit app, and run them from the command line on a Mac. Of course, there's much more to programming in Python that that. And there are lots of courses out there ready to help you.

The best Python training courses for Mac

How to set up and learn Python coding on a Mac: Python training course

Once you've got Python installed on your Mac, you'll want to start learning all the nuances of Python programming. Here are some of the best courses you can follow to learn Python programming.

  • Codecademy Python Course. This is a great website, although it teaches you how to use Python in a web browser, so don't forget to keep creating programs in your text edit app and running them for real in Terminal.
  • Learn Python the Hard Way. Don't be intimidated by the title. This course teaches you the nuts and bolts of programming.
  • Green Tea Press: Think Python. This free book takes you through different aspects of Python.
  • Udemy: Introduction to Python for Beginners. This is a paid-for course, although Udemy often has deals so keep your eye out. It's a good video tutorial that takes you through aspects of Python.

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