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How to run PC games on a Mac

Christopher Minasians | July 5, 2016
You have the right to remain a gamer. Here's how to run your favourite Windows games on a Mac.

Most software costs money, alongside the actual Windows license you'll need, so it's not the most cost-effective solution, but it's relatively hassle-free.

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How to run PC games on a Mac: Use Wine or similar

Pros: Cost-effective.
Cons: Technical and not fully compatible with all games.

How to run PC games on a Mac - Wine

Wine is a way to have an additional layer on your Mac which essentially tells your Mac to run Windows Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). In other words, using your Mac to run Windows programs without any error-messages.

Wine is not to be confused with an emulator, but works off the same principle - emulating an operating system within another, in this case Windows in OS X.

Wine can be hard to get your head around and if you want to fully utilise it, can prove to be a little tricky for some to use off the bat. Furthermore, there's no 100 percent guarantee that Wine will work with the game you want to play. Often you'll find that newer games struggle to run without crashing, whilst older games that have a lot more support and patches run more smoothly.

On the plus side, this solution is completely free to try. If you've got some time on your hands and want to experiment, we would suggest trying Wine as a means to play your favourite Windows games on a Mac. There are other solutions, such asBoxer, which is for you old school DOS gamers out there!

If it doesn't work out for you, you can always revert to the paid-for solutions listed above.

Source: Macworld


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