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How to remove or update Flash Player on a Mac, fix blocked Flash plug-in

Karen Haslam | June 21, 2016
Flash Player seems to be one of the most insecure and pointless pieces of software, so with yet another security vulnerability we ask if it might be better to remove it all together

Is Flash Player safe?

Flash has a long history with security vulnerabilities that put users at risk, so we can't really give it the green light.

HTML5 v Flash

One reason for Flash's demise it HTML5, which is an open standard supported natively across a variety of devices and platforms including PC web browsers, mobile devices, and smart TVs.

Flash, by comparison, is proprietary technology owned and controlled by Adobe. Even though Flash was long considered the de facto standard for web-based video, it isn't a native component of most browsers and either has to be enabled with a built-in plugin or a downloadable one from Adobe.

Java vulnerabilities

It's not only Flash that can be plagued by security flaws. Java can also suffer from vulnerabilities and has come under fire as the means by which hackers have been able to gain control of computers. In April 2012 more than 600,000 Macs were reported to have been infected with a Flashback Trojan horse that was being installed on people's computers with the help of Java exploits. Apple has already stopped bundling Java with OS X by default. You can read about how to disable Java on your Mac here. 

Source: Macworld


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