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How to conquer a CRM monster

Jen A. Miller | Dec. 12, 2016
A network of travel agencies found the CRM system it had been using for eight years had become a monster, so it turned to a cloud-based option -- and the results were off the charts.

Not only did Bpm'online fly down to present its services -- which Bexon says no other company did -- but NAMU liked that it offered a web-based app, that it was easy to use, and that Bpm'online offered marketing, sales and customer service within the CRM.

Bexon says he also liked that NAMU wouldn't be a "very small fish in a very big pond," he says.

To that end, Bpm'online "held our hand through this," he says. NAMU showed Bpm'online their processes first, and the CRM was built from there. Bpm'online also helped with implementation, working on site for 10 days to train staff on how to use it (training 40 sales personnel took less than five hours per user).


A 271 percent ROI may seem extremely high, says Leggett, but not when you consider where NAMU started. "If your baseline is from something that you adopted 2 years ago, you wouldn't get that," she said. But starting with an 8-year-old legacy system? Very possible.

The new CRM software reduced costs by avoiding software and personnel expenses that were previously needed to maintain the legacy system. It also improved manager productivity -- managers saved an average of two hours per week per person, which allowed them to instead focus on performance and sales. Numu also reached a 10 percent improvement of sales and marketing productivity, and data collected by the application.

The Bpm'online CRM also allowed NAMU to be more proactive and targeted with email marketing where before "data was all over the place," says Bexon. "This system had been touched by so many people and built in so many ways that we didn't really have any dashboards to look at, and pulling data was difficult. Once we could start pulling this data, we could really start making decisions."


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