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How to block ads on iPhone and iPad

Lucy Hattersley | May 10, 2016
Want to use the internet but don't like all the ads? Apple now has apps for that too, called Ad Blockers, but does this spell the end to free content?

Content Blockers do, by their nature, monitor your web traffic and interfere with your web browsing (that's the point.)

Is it right to use Ad Blocking software on iPhone and iPad?

We're don't want to have to preach from the pulpit when it comes ad blocking, but essentially it could kill journalism as we know it. Publishers, quite rightly, are concerned that their source of income may vanish. Writers tend to be closer to readers and are torn between understanding their reader's dislike of adverts and wanting to get paid in the future and feed their families, and also wanting to promote quality journalism and the truth. None of us want to see journalism die out because it has become an unprofitable industry.

We are in an era where content is given away for free online. Some sites try and get customers to pay for content, but there is a lot of content out there so it's hard to get people to pay for something they can get for free elsewhere. Predominantly you view content for free on the assumption that you will see a few adverts. Some of that content is quality, some of it is written by a 14 year old fanatic who doesn't mind about making money, some of it is written by marketing companies on behalf of the company they are promoting (but often disguised as if it's written by members of the public or professional sites), and some of it is written by members of the public who feel like they have to say something about a bad experience (people rarely report good experienced..)

If Ad Blockers are successful in eradicating the quality content currently given away for free, based on the ad views, then all we will be left with is the less professional content. Would you rather read a review by a professional journalist, or someone posting on Amazon, or Trip Advisor, or a similar forum - bear in mind that you never know whether the positive posts are 'paid for' or posted by the manufacturer themselves, just look at the reviews on the Apple App Store if you want to see just how many fake reviews there are out there.

Ultimately, it's the readers who decide the type of Internet they want, and it's up to publishers to find ways to work within that system, rather than dictate from on high what they want the internet to be.

Whether you choose to install Ad Block software is up to you. But Apple's support of Ad Blocking is having a real impact on the internet. And it won't go unnoticed that Apple is more than happy to profit from adverts in their apps using their own ad platform - some might say that the company has double standards here.


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