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How mobile developers can win customers' trust

Paul Rubens | Feb. 6, 2014
Many of today's mobile and Web applications collect personal data. This makes plenty of users pause before downloading. To ease user's minds -- and to help developers demonstrate that they have legitimate reasons for collecting that information -- MyPermissions has established a permissions certificate process to deem apps 'trustworthy.'

The risk, of course, is that unscrupulous developers could use the Certification mark anyway. In those circumstances, MyPermissions is prepared to pursue legal action, Amar says. If the developer is based overseas, in a country that's effectively beyond the law, then there's little the company could do, he concedes.

Nevertheless, the attractions of the certification program seem clear. Aside from the time it takes to participate, it costs nothing to join. (This will change in the future, with a $50 monthly charge for applications with more than 100,000 users.) If it really does result in a 9 percent increase in users for your app every month, then getting certified might make a lot of sense.


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