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How hospitals in the US are using big data analytics to research paediatric cancer

Byron Connolly | Feb. 12, 2015
Five hospitals partner with Dragon Master Foundation to raise awareness and make data more accessible to scientists who are unlocking the mysteries of lethal childhood diseases.

"We are hoping that will be have a think-tank in the next year or two to explore those different avenues," Haddock said.

Resnick agrees that there's merit in in this non-standard mode of thinking about heatlhcare and disease-related research.

"What people have done for example with the discovery of new planets or stars where NASA essentially puts the data out there and let's the do-it-yourself astronomer [analyse the information].

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"I'm not suggesting that do-it-yourself biology will solve cancer, but we have no ego in the process as scientists and recognise that sometimes providing access to data provides opportunities for the individual to make discoveries," he said.

"Scientists within CHOP or any other hospital don't have primacy or unique, sacred access to data that other people should not. There's an opportunity to think about genomic data in multiple different ways and there's no validated way that is the answer yet.

"Maybe there will be in the near future but currently there is not and we would love people to work with paediatric data," he said.



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