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How CIOs are creating a better engagement with their customers

Chloe Dobinson | Oct. 11, 2016
How nine CIOs and business technology executives are using their digital expertise to improve customer engagement within their organisations

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A better engagement with customers in the digital sector and IT departments has been cited by several CIOs as a way developing the business strategy.

The only responsibility to increase in a CIO's workload is customer communication, up by 15% since 2013, according to the 2016 Harvey Nash survey. In the 2016 CIO 100 list only 20% of CIOs have delivered a customer-focused digital strategy, with the University of Westminster and NHS Property Services the only organisations currently developing a strategy for 2017.

While increasing customer engagement has remained a focus for CIOs and organisations in their business strategy. CIO UK looks at how CIOs are communicating with customers through the use of digital platforms, face-to-face meeting and investing in digital technologies to reflect the customer's needs - and nine CIO's and business technology executives are using their digital expertise to improve customer engagement within their organisations:

"We are now looking more at our CRM platforms and how we can engage digitally more with learners than our traditional market and colleges.

"The world of vocational skills and apprenticeships are changing in the UK with far more public funding around and increasingly there is less of that with the government looking to employers to fund apprenticeships more. 

"They are actually introducing a levy with employers that they have to put in a certain fund or training. We are moving from a business to business type organisation where the learner was via training and learning education college as we are now a group company we are increasingly going to have more business to consumer site relationships."
Alan Crawford, City & Guilds CIO

"I have combined a highly regarded customer engagement approach which has been driven by automation, artificial intelligence and constant innovation.

"The customer service delivery team is investigating better contact management technologies across digital and voice channels, extending to artificial intelligence systems which can allow us to respond more quickly and accurately.

"The digital retail team is constantly looking at how to promote new business processes to our online platform, improving the experience of customers by reducing contacts and improving response times."
Bill Wilkins, First Utility CIO & CTO

"Key to an IT team's success is engagement with its customers, partnering to share a problem and build a solution.

"Sometimes one has the luxury of a specific role; often it is a question of identifying the people across the IT organisation, at all levels, who have the customer focus, vision and network needed to succeed and understand the business fully. By recognising the importance of relationship roles, I encourage people to spend time on building trust and knowledge. This is the best way for IT to keep an eye on trends and disruptions that affect our customers.


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