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How (and why) FreeDOS keeps DOS alive

Rohan Pearce | July 13, 2016
After surviving for 22 years, the open source replacement for MS-DOS shows no sign of going away, its creator says

"In 2016, you can download any of these classic programs and run them on FreeDOS. Because FreeDOS works the same as MS-DOS, by design, any DOS program should 'just run' on FreeDOS."

"I think we have a good community among developers and users," Hall added.

"We try to keep things civil on the mailing lists, and avoid flamewars. Whenever one pops up, I'm glad to say that someone always steps in to calm folks down. Sometimes that's me, but usually someone else gets there first."

As a result the project has avoided the toxic environment that some open source projects have become notorious for.

"We welcome anyone who wants to use FreeDOS," Hall said. "You don't have to be a developer or a DOS expert; if you're interested in using FreeDOS, we're happy to have you! Because of that, we've seen new people join FreeDOS. And they aren't always running FreeDOS in an emulator or a virtual machine. Some of them are resurrecting old PCs, and they run FreeDOS on them. That's great!"

Source: Computerworld Australia


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