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How Anaplan plans to kill off Excel use within the enterprise

By Scott Carey | Nov. 15, 2016
Excel is often overlooked as part of an organisational application.

Excel won't die

However, Jones says that organisations will never be entirely rid of Excel spreadsheets.

"I think you will never get to zero Excel and nor would I want to," he said. "There are times when as a tool it is absolutely the right thing to use. I think the challenge with Excel is when you need something which is scalable, has user access control based on an individual's role and the ability to reorganise structures, that's where a tool like Anaplan really has its benefits."

As Wilson from Cote put it: "[For] some lines - like uniforms - it just isn't worth building KPIs, we just don't spend enough. Why go to the effort of building something bespoke in Anaplan when you can just take the run-rate based on existing spreadsheets and carry on as you are?"

Changing role of the finance department

Anaplan's customers claimed that the efficiency offered by the cloud tools can help reshape the role of finance teams within an organisation.

Jones from AXA said: "I strongly believe that the office of finance can really enhance business and strategic decision making.

"Historically we have been playing a scorekeeping and gatekeeping role but actually we need to move into a business partnering role and products like Anaplan enable the finance team to move into those higher value activities and add value to executive decision making."

Luke Enock from Provident Financial added: "Tools like Anaplan allow you to have that closeness with the CEO to run scenarios and create those views of the future without having to start a two month process. The role of the CFO will change."


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