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How 11 CIOs are using AI to increase productivity, reduce costs and better engage with customers

Chloe Dobinson | Nov. 8, 2016
Some 13 percent of the 2016 CIO 100 are currently developing or deploying artificial intelligence within their organisation.


Some 13% of the 2016 CIO 100 are currently developing or deploying artificial intelligence within their organisation. This interest in AI has seen CIOs and organisations investigate and implement AI to help with a variety of tasks from monitoring customers to improving the overall efficiency of the business model. 

We look at how some leading CIOs are delivering AI within their organisations to increase staff productivity, reduce costs and increase customer engagement.

"Machine learning and AI is something we've just started to track as it will have an impact at some point on the operation of the railway, but it's early days from a railways systems perspective and there is always a bit of reticence around bleeding-edge technology where safety is critical."

James Findley, HS2 CIO

"We've deployed some AI/ML capability within our sentiment dashboard application which uses machine learning services in the cloud combined with in-house data to build a picture for the licensee.
Mike McMinn, Marston's IT Director

"I've seen some early prototypes in our North American labs of virtual agents - be that chat bots, be that the recently announced integration into Amazon's Alexa product and I think we'll see a lot more of virtual agents in the financial services industry and other industries; I think it's a good example of helping customers interact with financial services companies with a lot less friction."
Rob Harding, Capital One Europe CIO

"Things like using Tensor Flow (Google's open source AI framework), AI is really starting to get interesting and seeing how we can use that to help UK Households to save more money will be fun!"
Tim Jones, CIO

"AI, analytics using a wide range of techniques (including NoSQL), IoT, automation and wearables are all things we are either doing or continue to explore today. Another area would be image recognition and video detection."
Bill Wilkins, First Utility CIO

"We are currently developing a week-long training programme at Imperial College for our high-potential technical experts. The course will cover the latest developments in AI, data analytics, system design and system engineering, IoT and wearables, biometrics, chip design, NFC and various other areas.

"New techniques in AI, data analytics and management of large data sets are particular areas of focus, and we're increasingly open-sourcing our own products and leveraging third party open source in our products."
Sarah Wilkinson, Home Office CTO

"Driving innovation is a critical part of our job for clients. Knowing and being able to leverage all of these technologies is an imperative for us. AI and predictive analytics projects have now been running within the organisation for over two years."
Trevor Attridge, MEC CIO


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