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Hortonworks looks to 'Internet of Anything' with acquisition

Thor Olavsrud | Aug. 26, 2015
The open source Hadoop distribution vendor aims to bring together streaming analytics and rich historical analytics with the acquisition of the key contributor to the Apache NiFi project and the creation of Hortonworks DataFlow.

Internet of Anything applications are driven by data flowing from machines, sensors, geo-location devices, social streams, clicks, logs and more from the edge to the data lake in real-time at full fidelity. Many of these applications need two-way connections and security from the edge to the data center. And beyond security, the "jagged edge" of the Internet of Anything also increases the need for data protection, governance and provenance. Connolly says Hortonworks DataFlow will simplify and accelerate the flow of data in motion into HDP for full fidelity analytics. Organizations could also flow the data into Apache Kafka and then into Apache Storm or Apache Spark for streaming analytics.

"The NiFi user interface and ease of extension have made it extremely easy to get up and running and even customize," says Craig Connell, chief technology officer of Leverege, a developer of software products for intelligently managing and visualizing large networks of diverse Internet of Things sensors. "It is great that is also easily integrates with other parts of the Apache big data world like Spark, Kafka and Hadoop."

"NiFi's well-designed, mature API has made our integration process remarkably straightforward," adds Mike Bishop, chief systems architect at Prescient Edge, a security integration and technology development firm. "With it, we're able to track the origin, transformation and persistence of data throughout our analytic processes."

100 percent open

Hortonworks DataFlow will be available as an additional subscription from Hortonworks, alongside its Hortonworks Data Platform Enterprise and Hortonworks Data Platform Enterprise Plus subscriptions. Hortonworks DataFlow itself will be 100 percent open source, Connolly says. The subscription will cover maintenance, support and advice on the best ways to deploy the architecture. Connolly notes it will also allow Hortonworks to engage ISVs and systems integrators interested in the Internet of Things.

The Onyara deal marks Hortonworks third major acquisition. It acquired data security specialist XA Secure in May 2014 and released its technology to the Apache Software Foundation as the Apache Ranger project. It followed that deal in April 2015 with the acquisition of Budapest, Hungary-based product and services company SequenceIQ, developer of the Cloudbreak Hadoop as a Service API for multi-tenant clusters and Periscopefor bringing policy-based autoscaling to Hadoop.


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