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Highly skeptical: Slapping apps on the Watch

The Macalope | July 22, 2015
There are so very many ways the Apple Watch is a major disappointment and today, writing for the New York Times, Brian X. Chen brings us yet another.

And the number of apps for the watch, which now stands at about 7,400, is growing at a slower rate than the explosive uptick of apps that were produced for iPhones and iPads in their early days.

There can be no other explanation than skepticism about the Watch. It has nothing to do with trying to figure out a new form factor or the fact that developers have to wait the fall release of watchOS 2.0 to ship native apps. Nope.

Other software companies Chen mentions whose apps are missing from the Apple Watch include Google, which mysteriously doesn't yet make a Gmail client for the Watch and merely serves to compound the high level of Watch skepticism which is already very high, astoundingly high, really, so high. It is certainly shocking that a company with a competing platform would not jump on the Apple Watch and devastating that there's no other way to read Gmail on the Watch. Failure and shameful spankings all the way around at the Apple team working on the Watch.

Personally, the horny one thinks email is a lousy use case for the Apple Watch and serves to underline the reasons why developers should rightly be loathe to just shrinking their app down and slapping it on the Watch. Thoughtless, rampant software development may be the hallmark of a quickly growing platform, but it's still not necessarily something to aspire to.


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