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Here's how A.I. is about to make your car really smart

Lucas Mearian | June 16, 2016
The installation rates for A.I. in cars will go from 8 percent last year to 109 percent in 2025.

Earlier this month, Gil Pratt, CEO of Toyota Research Institute, said the vast majority of mainstream vehicles adopting autonomous driving features will be controlled by ADAS or "guardian angels" that learn your driving behaviors and new road conditions and how to react to them over time.

Speaking at the New England Motor Press Association Technology Conference at MIT, Pratt said auto makers are more focused on assisting drivers for years to come instead of producing fully autonomous vehicles that take the steering wheel from drivers.

A lot of the discussion among automakers and within their R&D organizations involve how much control the car should have.

For example, Pratt said, your car may someday warn you several times about a particularly dangerous driving habit you have before taking control of the wheel.

"If you love to drive, the idea of a chauffeur is not fun," Pratt said. "Driver skills are ignored with a chauffeur; with guardian angel technology, you're augmenting human driving skills."

Source: Computerworld


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