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Here come 'Awareness of Things' gadgets

Mike Elgan | Sept. 5, 2016
A new class of mobile device is tiny, cheap and gives you total information awareness about your stuff.

The Tile Slim works pretty much like the TrackR.

Tile Slim is able to be so slim because the battery is not replaceable. You have to replace the entire Tile Slim device. Replacements cost $21 each. The company says Tile Slims last a year and that it recycles the old ones.


The Sensor-1 from Metasensor is another tracker in the Trackr and Tile Slim mold, but with a difference: The $99.99 device has an accelerometer, a gyroscopic stabilizer and a magnetometer, so you can tell it to sound an alarm if it moves -- both the Sensor-1 and your smartphone app make noise.

You can use the free Sensor-1 app to adjust the sensitivity of the motion tracking. You can choose, for example, whether to get an alert only if someone picks up your laptop, or if it is merely opened. You can tell the Sensor-1 to alert you if somebody opens the refrigerator or opens your lunch bag in the break room, opens a door or window or steals your bike.

These five products represent a new class of mobile gadget. They are tiny, low-cost and give you and your smartphone amazing powers of awareness, detection and location.

We all know about the Internet of Things. The new class of "Awareness of Things" gadgets keep you informed about what's happening with all your stuff.


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