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Harnessing huge data and smarter software to achieve the intelligent enterprise

Sam Liew, Managing Director and ASEAN Technology Lead at Accenture | Aug. 6, 2015
Software and cognitive computing will lead to even greater levels of organisational intelligence by extending a machine’s ability to sense, comprehend and act.

The third stage of the maturity curve awaits: cognitive computing. Software will have the ability to perceive what is happening around it, analyse and understand the data, before pursuing the best course of action.

Achieving this most advanced stage will not be easy. To do so, companies will need to build new levels of collaboration between humans and computers that play to both parties’ strengths.

After all, while machines can compute with exceptional precision and scale, humans excel at creative thinking. Thus, humans are able to question and improve upon intelligent software’s conclusions.

Today much of the power of software intelligence comes from its ability to self-evolve and make novel discoveries. It enables software to stay up to date without relying on manual updates, and it uncovers opportunities to attract customers with new and improved products and services.

In the future, cognitive computing will take this to an even greater level by extending a machine’s ability to sense, comprehend and act. Used wisely, the power of software intelligence can give companies the operational excellence and innovative edge they need to succeed in the era of digital business.

This is the fourth of a five-part series that explores the key global technology trends as reported in Accenture's Technology Vision 2015 research.
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