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Guest view: Understanding business users' real BI needs

JY Pook, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Tableau Software | Oct. 23, 2014
It's time to take a firm look at business intelligence from the perspective of it being a business enhancement tool. Here's what to do.

Additionally, the solutions need to allow for recipients query and further explore the analysis and reports, without requiring for the analytics process to be repeated. Also, analyses need to be able to be updated in real time via on-demand updates.

7. User friendly
The final consideration for a business intelligence solution should be its user-friendliness. It is important to remember that different business users have different technical abilities. Operational business intelligence cannot present a complex interface that requires business users to go through intensive training.

Software that is 'complex and difficult to use' was one of the main causes of failure to make use of data among the ditherers. According to an EIU survey, a total of 45 percent of Asia Pacific users listed complexity of the business intelligence solution as a reason for its failure.

Today's business intelligence solutions need to be easy to pick up for an average business user. For users who choose to learn more sophisticated functions, training should be available pervasively via means that are easily accessible, such as: online training courses, on-demand training courses, tutorials, etc., and not just high cost in-person classes.

Business users want the ability to ask questions of their data and get answers fast. Data analysis is becoming a significant part of any business across departments and functions. It is crucial that businesses take steps to update, review and deploy solutions that will be accessible, effective, useful, and easy to understand for users across the organisation. A good point to start would be to review these seven key business user requirements. This way, businesses and IT teams can address the needs right from the start.


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