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Guest View: Cost-effective business intelligence for business users

JY Pook - Vice President, Asia Pacific, Tableau Software | Oct. 23, 2014
It is important to note that smarter use of information resources does not necessarily mean high-investment and complex business intelligence software.

When implementing a business intelligence solution, teams can tap on the expertise and suggestions of this group of employees. Ideally, let this group of users have hands on experience in implementing the solution - such as improving on the accuracy and quality of the data.

Not only does this cut down on resource constraints and minimizes the need to hire external consultants, but it also means that the employees/end-users will know exactly how to utilize the solution and get the best results from the data as they played an active role in deploying it.

7.    Lead from the top -- leverage your authority and executive buy-in

Strong leadership is essential in a successful business intelligence solution project. My recommendation is to get senior management buy in as early as possible, especially you are planning a cross-departmental or organization-wide project. Demonstrate to the leaders the cost effective benefits that the new business intelligence solution would bring, the projected return of investment and most significantly, the cost savings brought about from reducing the need for complex IT investment and external consulting.

The organization leadership needs to see that fast decisions backed by data are worth the effort and time. The management support will help in moving human resources - such as building working committees - and accessing data and information that may otherwise deemed sensitive and out of reach. Senior management should also own the task of inculcating a data-driven culture once they see the benefits.

The seven principles here serve as general guidelines only and may not fit all project scenarios. They will not help solve all business intelligence challenges. Nevertheless, I hope they help you see that business intelligence is not always a high-investment, time consuming, and complicated undertaking that requires major IT support. Business intelligence projects can be user-driven. Most data is collected in the field and across our business operations, and the most effective business intelligence projects are generated from a ground up approach.

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