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GUEST BLOG: Customer experience redefined in a tech-savvy casino

Adaire Fox-Martin | May 22, 2013
Future-proofing the casino experience with technology

Today, the technology of visualising the casino floor combined with predictive analytics, real time in-memory computing, geo-location and near field communication (NFC) are already available and can revolutionise not just the way casino businesses are run for the better but also redefine and refine with precision the total customer experience.

Push marketing and advertising in casinos
In the movie "Minority Report", there is a scene where the character played by Tom Cruise walks into a clothing shop and one of the screens automatically scans his retina, identifies him and the artificial intelligence in the screen talks directly to him about new offers. There are also other scenes in the movie where retina scans are done to pay for services such as a ride in the subway, advertising in a virtual magazine, among others.

While real-world retina scanning technology has not yet reached the same level as that in Minority Report, the ability to do push advertising and purchasing to a specific user does already exist. Various wireless platforms have been utilised to get the attention of potential customers, such as cellular telecommunications, Bluetooth, WiFi, and less often, RFID.

Another new technology that is being employed for marketing is NFC, which essentially works like RFIDs but have been modified for smartphones. For some time now, NFC has been used for contactless payments, automated process activation (like activating a phone's WiFi or Bluetooth connection by simply waving it in front of a pre-configured NFC tag), file sharing between multiple devices, as secure entry IDs, and more recently for push advertising.

NFC is still in its very early stages of adoption but with the rise of casinos expanding their services beyond gaming, it would not come as a surprise that this piece of hardware could provide casinos with a veritable source of information gathering technology. NFCs, along with other state-of-the-art technologies will greatly improve the efficiency of the casino operator's operations, directly having a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Adaire Fox-Martin is Senior Vice President, Industry Business Solutions, SAP Asia Pacific Japan.


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