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Google takes on Apple News, Facebook Instant Articles with AMP

Matt Kapko | Oct. 15, 2015
Google wants to play a more significant role in the development and delivery of news on mobile devices, and its new open source AMP initiative already has an impressive list of supporters. But will it be enough to compete with Apple and Facebook?

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No winners or losers … yet

It's unlikely that a clear winner will emerge in the battle between AMP, Apple and Facebook because of their segmented and disjointed audiences, according to Forrester's Facemire. "I think we have an opportunity for some lesser wins across the board."

If Google succeeds in speeding up the mobile Web, its efforts could benefit all parties. "This is another iteration of what [Google] does to increase the speed and therefore increase the overall experience of the Web," says Facemire. "That benefits everybody — consumer, producer of content, and these platforms that support content — so I think it's too early to say who's going to win here." 

Google released the initial technical specification for AMP on GitHub on October 7. The company plans to work with other participants on the project during the coming months to build more features and functionality for content, distribution and advertising.

More details on the initiative are available on


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