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Google needs solid win with release of smart Allo app

Sharon Gaudin | Sept. 23, 2016
With Google betting on artificial intelligence, Allo could prove its plan

"The competitive advantage is the A.I. engine, but the A.I. is young and, as yet, poorly trained, so like a baby on a plane, generally more annoying than beneficial at the moment," he added. "You have to start someplace."

To Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst, Allo's combination of a messaging app with A.I. shows promise.

"It creates a fertile new playground full of growth potential," he said. "With all that said, it feels very intrusive. In order for users to get the benefit of A.I., they have to give Google permission to scour their devices and uncover every contact and message and personal bits of information in their life."

With both the advantages of a smart technology and the disadvantages of what some are calling an intrusive technology, it's no sure-fire winner.

"This is both a blend of ultra cool and privacy busting technology," said Kagan, noting that it could still be a popular app. "Middle-aged users today remember privacy and miss it. The youth, however, were born into this world of no privacy, so they don't mind as much."


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