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Google Glass strikes back

Mike Elgan | Aug. 22, 2016
Mocked and shunned by society for wearing Google's dorky face upgrade, Google Glass fans were right all along

Boeing is also looking into the use of Google Glass on the International Space Station.

Doctors and surgeons of all kinds are using Google Glass to record procedures, access medical information hands-free and consult with specialists.

Glass is so popular in the medical community that a San Francisco-based digital health startup called Augmedix is offering a Glass-based medical note-taking service for use while examining a patient. The company claims that hundreds of doctors are using the service.

Stanford University is reportedly conducting groundbreaking research into helping people with autism read others' emotions using Google Glass. Called the Autism Glass Project, the study is testing a special Google Glass app with children ranging in age from 6 to 17. The app uses facial recognition software to identify the emotions expressed on other people's faces, and then tells the test subject what emotion is being expressed. The idea is to use the Glassware (Google Glass software) to train people with autism so that over time they can identify emotions on their own, without Glass. Study participants also learned to look at people's faces more often and make more eye contact.

In England, researchers at Newcastle University have been studying multiple ways in which Google Glass might help sufferers of Parkinson's disease cope better, from improving their walking to helping them understand when they're not speaking loudly enough.

Google Glass is being used in one of the world's most successful efforts to stop rhinoceros poaching. The people involved in the project, which is taking place in Chitwan National Park in Nepal, are using a combination of dogs, drones and Google Glass as part of a comprehensive effort to stop poachers and study rhinos.

These are just a few of the ways even the beta version of Google Glass is being used to change the world. Just wait until Google Glass actually ships!

What we know about Google's plans for the future of Google Glass

Google is working on a Glass Enterprise Edition for business and industrial use. The Enterprise Edition is similar to the Explorer edition from the beta program, but the eyewear has hinges, so the Glass hardware can be folded like regular glasses. It also has a different kind of connector that has been compared to Apple's MagSafe technology. It also has a prism unit that presumably shows a larger screen than the beta version.

A prototype of the Explorer edition even showed up on eBay earlier this year. It was being sold by a San Francisco pawn shop.

It's a no-brainer that companies will use Google Glass and other smart eyewear technologies -- even some Glass critics acknowledge that. But Glass is also coming to the consumer market.


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