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Google Container Engine: Could it be evil?

Richi Jennings | Aug. 28, 2015
Embracing and extending open-source shenanigans?

So Tom "bang-bang" Maxwell silver-hammers his keyboard: [You're fired -Ed.]

There are two open-source technologies underlying Container Engine:..Docker for automating the deployment of applications inside software containers, and the Google-built Kubernetes for making these siloed applications work together in unison even when hosted across multiple cloud hosts. 
Beyond management of clusters, Container Engine also equips [you] with logging and container health checking tools, and makes it incredibly easy to scale CPU and memory up or down as an applications' needs change. 
Siloing applications with Kubernetes into separate, virtual environments allows one to easily limit the resources any one environment gets access to, preventing an app gone haywire from hogging too much of the total available memory, for example.  MORE

Meanwhile, Scott M. Fulton III is our Vth voice, with this cloudy punnage:

Still up in the the matter of whether a preferred public platform for container deployment will emerge out of the melee that is today's market. 
Container Engine is effectively Google's public product-ization of Kubernetes as a service. ... It builds a business model not so much around containers as around orchestration. 
Cloud infrastructure platforms are, at their core, mainly a pool of virtual machines. But [Google's] ultimate goal [is] a world where...conventional VMs had ceased to exist.  MORE


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