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GmailWiz is a productivity tool that might hurt your productivity

Yaara Lancet | April 1, 2013
Many of us spend hours each day reading and writing emails. This activity, while essential, can often become quite repetitive. Sometimes, especially if emails are part of your work, you may need to reply to several emails with the same short sentence or response. This adds up to a large amount of time wasted doing the same work. A free Chrome extension called GmailWiz aims to take Gmail's own canned responses feature to the next level, by turning this time-intensive task into one that takes no longer than half a second and one click. Although it's a good idea, the current implementation is lacking.

If these issues are not enough to deter you, this might: GmailWiz does not work with Gmail's new Compose feature. If you'd like to use it, you have to be using the old Compose, otherwise you'll be sending out blank emails left and right. Support may be added along with other features in the future, but all my attempts to contact the developer were in vain, and I failed to learn more about any future plans for GmailWiz, if any.

GmailWiz brings a bright idea to the table, and attempts to increase productivity by cutting the time you spend on repetitive emails. Unfortunately, as it stands, I recommend that you stay away from this add-on, and look for productivity elsewhere. The add-on is half-baked, and that's putting it mildly. Unless you somehow get it to work consistently, you'll be spending more time tweaking it and fighting with it than you would just writing the email yourself.

Note: The Download button takes you to the vendor's site, where you can install the latest version of the software directly into your Chrome browser.


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