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Gen Y and Z are technology spearheads: IDC

Jack Loo | Aug. 16, 2012
IDC provides technology trends in emerging markets.

In emerging markets like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, members of Gen Y and Z, coined for people who were born in or after 1980, are spearheading the adoption of social networking and collaborative tools, according to Sandra Ng, group vice president - ICT practice, IDC Asia Pacific.

Ng was commenting on the technology landscape for the region at the CIO Summit 2012 on 2 August in Singapore. The event was organised by IDC Asia Pacific and Fairfax Business Media.

The populations within these emerging markets are dominated by a young middle class population. This means that they practically grew up accessing technology that is mainly cloud-based and "they can't tell the difference whether its cloud or not, and simply do not care," said Ng.

Meanwhile, on the enterprise IT side, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is still in its infancy, with many CIOs still looking at how to smoothly incorporate different and multiple mobile devices into their infrastructures. 

"Media tablets and smart phones are used as consumption tools while PCs are creation tools. Both will co-exist for a while," said Ng.

The rapid rate of urbanisation in the emerging markets is likely to drive the adoption of IPv6 networks and machine-to-machine interfaces.

"From a foreign telco perspective, it is about providing consulting and design services in building and managing a connected community, as well as an online/app marketplace," said Ng.

Different trends in purchasing

And in the enterprise IT customer space, the dynamics of technology purchasing from emerging markets can be quite different from their counterparts in developed economies.

"For one, they prefer packaged deals as opposed to itemised pricing. They believe in bulk purchases as such deals are expected to deliver broader support, giving them better pricing," said Ng.

Ng also highlighted four technology "pillars" that are likely to shape the region's enterprise IT landscape in 2013.

The first is cloud computing, where automation is likely to become the number one driver for cloud adoption in the region. But IT leaders will have to deal with challenges such as replacing legacy platforms, as well as handling security and compliance issues.

In a company, mobile workers will take up some 40 percent of the workforce, making enterprise mobility a must-have IT spending.

For the third "pillar", the rising use of social media platforms will see more than 50 percent of the region's companies adopting a social business strategy and further adoption of customer analytics.

Big data offers a chance for businesses to know their customers better. "By 2015, 90 percent of organisations will analyse some form of big data," said Ng.


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