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Future-proof your business by moving ERP to the cloud: Acumatica

Nurdianah Md Nur | April 8, 2015
Benefits of cloud ERP include enabling employees to access information from anywhere at any time to work on the go, and scale as needed without incurring high costs.

Laurent Dedenis
Laurent Dedenis, president of international operation at Acumatica

With the proliferation of mobile devices, customers and employees now expect organisations to seamlessly deliver their services across different devices. In an exclusive interview, Laurent Dedenis, president of international operation at Acumatica, explains how cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) services will allow organisations to meet those demands and future-proof their business.

Consulting firm PwC predicts the growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) will more than double to US$78 billion by 2016 while investments in traditional ERP will decline by over 30 percent to less than US$15 billion. Is this in line with what you're experiencing with your Asian customers?
The ERP space is a multi-billion dollar market, with recent analysts citing a global market worth US$75 billion to US$100 billion in 2015. The US has about 50 percent of that market, and for Asia,that's about 6 to 11 percent of that market. But we do need to bear in mind that this ERP space is broad, and up to 50 percent of that is tied up in traditional hardware- and software-based solutions, which is essentially a flat or declining market.  Cloud platform and SaaS, however, are the areas seeing exponential growth. There's a huge opportunity in Asia, with many companies leapfrogging traditional or legacy ERP and adopting cloud-based ERP.

Are Asian organisations moving to cloud ERP quickly enough?
Most definitely. It's the Asian customers that have surprised us with their willingness to adopt cloud. For example, in Singapore, KFC actually sought us out and told us that they wanted to start migrating systems off traditional legacy ERP. Ever since going live with Acumatica in January 2012, they've reaped US$50,000 recurring cost savings per year on eradicating excessive man hours and legacy hardware.

Even in emerging markets, we see a highly positive sentiment towards adopting cloud ERP, where applications can run natively on any iOS or Android OS device that can be easily integrated at no extra cost into an ERP application.

Once such example is our customer, THP Beverages, which is Vietnam's top producer and distributor of bottled beverages. After implementing our solutions, the company was able to process hundreds of thousands of transactions every day within 150 minutes. This would have cost them millions just a few years ago. Their sales team in the field is now able to report in real time from the various retail locations country-wide across a large geography; place orders and provide updates on pricing. Just within six months of implementation, they are experiencing a streamlined, highly productive workforce, alongside greater competitiveness from a revenue and market share stand point. 


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