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Fresh and functional: 5 new languages to watch

Serdar Yegulalp | June 30, 2016
With novel approaches for everything from concurrency to deployment of executables, these languages are worth your attention

Resembles: Python, Pascal, Ruby

Current platforms: Linux, OS X; Windows support is possible through Cygwin, but at a significant performance penalty

Pony 0.2.1

The gist: Pony was created to solve a specific problem that crops up often in software development: how to work with abstractions like objects without running into problems like race conditions, memory safety, or deadlocks. Pony tries to address this by using static typing and an "actor" object type, so it's easier to reason about what items are and the order in which they're executed.

Resembles: Python (simple syntax), Erlang (powerful concurrency system)

Current platforms: Linux, OS X, Windows

Source: Infoworld 


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