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Four ways to use open data sources to find cybersecurity candidates

Stacy Collett | July 19, 2017
Publicly available data from government and other sources can help you find the right security talent.

Herbert plans to refresh data more frequently than some government sources, which update information annually or bi-annually. The CyberSeek website will update its data in July, and then information will be updated quarterly going forward.


Factor in data on average salaries and cost of living

Even if HR leaders identify a target-rich environment, they should also compare data on average salaries and cost of living in the job’s location. “If in their home community the median salary [for the position] is lower than the U.S median salary, then you can attract them with higher salary, although it may not cover living expenses in some cities,” Mahmud says.

OneLogin found itself in a similar situation when trying to hire employees to relocate to Silicon Valley. “We initially started our [hiring] efforts in Texas, but we were just not able to lure them over to the Bay Area and convince them to take that big pay increase because it still wouldn’t have been enough to maintain their cost of living,” Ton says. The company did hire five workers in Texas who now work remotely, she adds.

Publicly available data should not be used exclusively to find cyber talent, Herbert says. “This is not intended to replace a job board or some of the other recruiting techniques that an HR person would use, but it’s a competitive intelligence tool and a way to hone your [recruiting] strategy.”


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