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Five essential Pokki apps bring the best of mobile and the Web to your desktop

Yaara Lancet | March 14, 2013
Light, fast, and shiny, many Web apps have the futuristic feel of a bullet train. They also have numerous advantages over desktop apps: There's nothing to install, they don't take up any hard drive space or RAM, they're quick and easy to access, and you don't ever have to worry about using an outdated version. But Web apps ride on the rickety rails of a browser, and that means that every Web app you run has all your browser's problems with incompatibility, instability, and resource-hogging.

Team Pokki's Instagrille brings Instagram to your desktop, and does it with impeccable style. Instagrille is truly one of the best-looking apps I've ever seen--on any platform--and the gorgeous interface is further highlighted by the general beauty of photography. Instagrille lets you do everything you can imagine with Instagram, excluding two things: You can't create an Instagram account, and you can't upload images from your computer. Aside from that, everything is possible. Using the top bar, you can browse your feed, popular and nearby photos. You can choose between two different layouts for photos, and view each photo by itself on the entire app screen.

Interactions such as commenting, liking, and sharing on other networks are very intuitive, and you can also discover, follow, and unfollow other users with ease. To top it all off, Instagrille lets you view each photo online, if you wish, or download it as is to your computer. And of course, as with other Pokki apps, a tray notification appears whenever a new photo is added to your feed, or when other users like or comment on your photos. This is the true Instagram experience, without touching your mobile device or your browser.

Photography is not everyone's thing, though, and as beautiful as it can be, Instagram might not be the thing to keep you happy. But where photos might fail, there's one thing that never does, and that's games. Specifically, the addictive game of Angry Birds. While known best for its mobile versions, Angry Birds is also available for Windows, but with its 50MB+ installer, a lengthy installation process, and a full-screen game that's hard even for medium-strength computers to haul, Angry Birds for Windows is not the best choice if you want to actually enjoy the game.

Angry Birds for Pokki, however, is a delightful discovery, bringing the Angry Birds Chrome experience right to your desktop. With one click, you can start playing dozens of levels of Angry Birds using half the RAM the full Windows version does, and with surprising responsiveness, even in full-screen mode. Since this is actually the Chrome version of Angry Birds, you need to sign in with your Google account in order to play most of the levels, and the available levels are mostly special holiday ones, but these include all the cool birds, all the mad piggies, and even the Mighty Eagle. The game is ad-supported, but you can get rid of the ads forever for $4.

For Windows 8 users, Pokki itself could be a lifesaver, with its start-menu-like interface that brings back the much sought-out feature to the Windows 8 interface. So now that you know where to start, it's time to download Pokki and discover the worlds of mobile and Web apps on your Windows desktop.


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