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Five essential Pokki apps bring the best of mobile and the Web to your desktop

Yaara Lancet | March 14, 2013
Light, fast, and shiny, many Web apps have the futuristic feel of a bullet train. They also have numerous advantages over desktop apps: There's nothing to install, they don't take up any hard drive space or RAM, they're quick and easy to access, and you don't ever have to worry about using an outdated version. But Web apps ride on the rickety rails of a browser, and that means that every Web app you run has all your browser's problems with incompatibility, instability, and resource-hogging.

Pulse for Pokki is not without downsides. The share-by-email option, marked by an envelope button, causes the app to freeze repeatedly. There's no way to add an article to favorites in the Pokki version, although you can browse your favorites from the app--but if you have none, the app will direct you to add some using the nonexistent star icon. There's also no convenient way to refresh the app. Despite these issues, Pulse for Pokki is a convenient and speedy way to stay in touch with your favorite blogs and online publications, thus staying connected at all times.

Staying productive

Staying connected shouldn't come at the expense of productivity. Finding yourself spending too much time on Twitter and not enough time on work? Wunderlist's beautiful Pokki app is just what you need. Renowned to-do list application Wunderlist is available for multiple platforms, including both Web and mobile, and they all sync automatically. While you can get Wunderlist for Windows,you'll have to download another 14MB, and clutter your system with yet another app. With Wunderlist for Pokki, there is no installation. You can start using the app less than a minute after deciding you want to.

If you're a Wunderlist user, the Pokki version of the app will look very familiar, with every feature you've come to expect from other versions of Wunderlist. After logging into your account, you can start adding scheduled tasks and to-do items, with or without a date, placing them in your own custom lists. Wunderlist comes with several useful keyboard shortcuts for easy browsing which you can easily learn by pressing "H." In fact, not only can you access your slick to-do list with one mouse click, you can easily access most of its features without having to click that mouse again.

As with other Pokki apps, this one too comes with tray badge notifications for overdue tasks, which will keep reminding you of the things you haven't done. With its customizable backgrounds, super-easy browsing and automatic mobile syncing, Wunderlist will make you want to get things done.

Staying happy

We all like being in touch and being efficient, but when it comes down to it, what we all really want is to stay happy. If you can do that by working, call yourself lucky--but if emails and to-do lists are sometimes stressful, there's nothing more relaxing than photos, and for beautiful photos, there's nothing better than Instagram. Despite its immense popularity, Instagram is notorious for its lack of Web and desktop presence. Although Instagram has recently added Web profiles and an online feed, Instagrille is still a much slicker way to browse your favorite photos, combining the best of the mobile and Web worlds.


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