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Firefox, a browser built for the people by the people

Madura McCormack | Nov. 16, 2012
Chairman Mitchell Baker talks about Mozilla's open source movement and its effect on the browser landscape

"Now, we have support for 80 or so languages. We do that because the Internet is not all about English or one culture or one language. And we have a community of people (volunteers and users) who believe that," the Mozilla chairman said.

Speaking of Mozilla's volunteer developers, Baker said: "Firefox has also demonstrated that there are enough technologically capable people in the world who can create a world class product and make the Internet open for all of us."

Remaining competitive

When asked how Firefox would remain competitive in a marketplace where Chrome, according to different sources, has either surpassed or is level with the open source browser, Baker asserted that market share is not what Mozilla ultimately wants.

"We don't want 80-90 percent of the market share, what we want is a competitive space. We are happy that we made a competitive space," she exclaimed.

When it comes to user experience, Baker's standpoint is to measure the users' ability to control their Internet life. And that is the area in which Mozilla Firefox excels; the degree of control that works best for the user, according to the rather spunky chairman.

"For example, for people worried about security, how do they say 'Please stop following me'," she said whilst speaking on Firefox's implementation of the Do-Not-Track (DNC) capability.

Baker lauded Chrome on their usability, calling it a much better product than Internet Explorer, though ultimately what keeps the torch of Firefox burning is its authenticity.

"Chrome and Internet Explorer, each of them has a large amount of resources; advertising resources that is hard for anyone to match. That's an area that we feel there is an authenticity behind creating Firefox in the local community," she added.

"My experience with software and software companies is that their outlook does reflect what goes into the product. So there's a level of authenticity with Firefox that isn't the same with hundreds of thousands of dollars of advertising. We still feel that Firefox brings additional benefits especially when it comes to producing software that you have under control," she concluded.


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