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Facebook lays out ambitious React.js JavaScript dev plans

Paul Krill | March 1, 2016
Facebook details improvements to performance, data management, and developer experience for its UI library

Data management also is key to the developer experience, so Facebook hopes to combine different technologies now in use with React and offer easy setup and code reuse. Right node, developers use the setState function to set state of an application, but this keeps state encapsulated and makes it difficult to share with another component, Alpert explained.

Developers also use Flux or Redux for building Web applications and providing a state container, and Relay for getting data from a server into a component. But Relay requires a GraphQL server, which most developers do not have, Alpert said, and it's not helpful if developers have to deal with a lot of client-side data with no counterpart on the server. Facebook envisions combining React setState, Flux/Redux, and Relay, allowing for easy setup and code reuse.

React has developer tools in place, including third-party offerings like the Deco IDE, but Alpert encouraged developers to build more tools like Deco and Facebook's open source Nuclide IDE.

Alpert said an upgrade, React 15.0, would move to a release candidate stage the week of Feb. 29. It will have full SVG support in the DOM and run 10 percent faster. Facebook also is changing its naming convention for React, reverting from numbers smaller than one to numbers higher than that. "We're really doing this because we look back and say all versions are already production-ready." The current version is the React 0.14 line.


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