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ExtraHop mines the network to glean operations intelligence

John Dix | Oct. 7, 2013
Rothstein, founder of Extrahop, updates us on the company and what he has learned about things about virtual loss.

Do you guys get pulled into security scenarios at all?
We do. This is probably another parallel between us and Splunk. We're not a security company, but we are being used more and more for security use cases. And it's because we're providing visibility into things that are occurring on the wire. And if there is an anomaly, if all of a sudden a database serves a 100-megabyte response to a user when usually the responses are a couple of kilobytes, that might have security implications. It could be a data leakage event or a rogue application. It could be something that's broken. As we see more and more sophisticated intrusions and more zero-day vulnerabilities being exploited, the better visibility into these environments and the ability to detect when things are abnormal or anomalous is just that much more important. So there are definitely security implications with the type of visibility we provide, and a lot of that is in the interpretation.

What typically gets you in the customer's door?  
There is so much noise in the market and there are so many different vendors and they all use the same vocabulary and they all say the same words. A lot of what gets us in the door is word of mouth. Some sort of reference. And I think one of the reasons that occurs is we are very focused on customer success as a company. It really permeates our culture. It comes from my co-founder and myself.  I don't have a sales background, I have an engineering background. We like building great products. We like solving hard problems. We like making our customers successful. And when you do that, that's good business, because customers come back for repeat purchases and they recommend you to other people.

How does your customer base break out between service providers and enterprise IT shops?
Most of our customers are enterprise customers. However, we do have several carrier customers.

All right. Any closing thoughts?  
We're seeing tremendous traction across a number of vertical industries. And we recently introduced a free virtual appliance called the ExtraHop Discovery Edition that provides analysis for up to a gigabit of traffic, and we're seeing a lot of interest in that as well. I think the megatrends I mentioned earlier, whether it's server virtualization or agile development or just modern globally distributed architectures and applications, are driving a much greater need for visibility. We're seeing organizations that want to become more proactive, want to be able to detect little problems before they turn into big disasters. They want to mitigate risk for new application rollouts or data center consolidations for physical to virtual migrations, and ExtraHop can help them with all of that.


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