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Ending Reply All annoyances

Christopher Breen | March 28, 2013
A reader who doesn't wish to provide his name (for reasons that soon will become apparent) has a problem with office etiquette. He writes:

In Apple's Mail the rule would look like this:

Or, if these messages always include a person you never otherwise see in an email thread, filter by that person's name:

And, more times than you can imagine, messages like this are over-punctuated--your sadly typical Congratulations!!!!!!! for example. Filter by subject heading so that any messages that contain more than two exclamation marks are given the heave-ho, as in:

Put in the broadest terms, to avoid getting tangled in these time-wasters, sift through the email you receive and find elements typical of your company's Reply All spam. Filter too narrowly and more of it than you care for will hit your inbox. Filter too broadly and you may miss the all-important "We discovered the person responsible for the anonymous kitchen and bathroom postings. Employees are to meet in Conference Room A at eight bells to witness punishment" memo.


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