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End user experience, a deliverable for Virtual Desktops

Peter Nalika | Jan. 30, 2013
Traditional PCs have high acquisition and maintenance cost; this perhaps is a technology reality. Joseph Kariithi, Business Development Manager, Next Technologies says they might be affordable; but they consume more power and may not be that secure.

Kariithi notes that the simplest and most predictable approach is a VDI solution that has high availability built-in. The VDI solution needs to scale in cost effective steps that will much the organization's needs.

End user experience

Before thinking about the VDI solution, the organization needs to clearly understand users' workloads and how a particular solution will fit their needs.

End user experience is important for it is a deliverable to every organization. The IT team must ensure end user space is there, if approached from another angle, the VDI solution should be able to adapt to traditional networks, because of the many end points facing organizations today for instance, connections to the black berry, iPads and phones.

All the networks over which users might connect have to be checked whether the protocol is mature and can support various end-point devices require.

Openness of the architecture

A good VDI environment has to allow for adoption of virtualization technology from different vendors. It should be open enough to offer the organization's system options and flexibility in protocols.


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