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Email, voicemail and texting get better with help from Evernote

Liane Cassavoy | Feb. 24, 2015
lenty of third-party apps integrate with Evernote. We tested three to see how they help with all of the messages you get everyday.

HulloMail works on Android, BlackBerry, and iOS devices, and is available in a free (ad-supported) version, as well as a $9 Premium version. But if you expect the Premium version to include all of the apps features, think again: Some of its most useful features still require in-app purchases.

HulloMail says it allows you to "read, play, and manage your voicemail on your smartphone, in your email, and via the Web." And it does, to a certain extent. Install the app, activate it by dialing a number from your phone, record your greeting (if you so desire), and you're good to go.

The free version of HulloMail lets you manage and play your messages from your phone or the Web, send a copy of them to your email or Facebook, and record a voice message to send to someone else. The $9 Premium version removes the ads, lets you record individual greetings for different contacts, and automatically sends a copy of your voicemail to your email. It also offers Evernote integration--something I truly wish was available for free. If you pony up the money for the paid version, you can store the MP3 recordings of your voicemails in Evernote, which is a handy way to access them again in the future.

Handier still is HulloMail's "Get the Gist" Scribe service, which transcribes the first 10 seconds of your messages into text so that you can decide whether it's worth listening to the rest. Even with the paid app, you still have to pay for Scribe, which will run you about $2 per month. Scribe would be more useful if it transcribed entire messages, and if it were included in the paid app. The ability to read voicemails as text and save them to Evernote would be fantastic. As it stands, though, HulloMail is just moderately useful.


Whether you love it or hate it, you can't deny the power of texting--especially when it comes to business. More and more, professional communication isn't being done over the phone or over email, it's being done via text message. That makes it more important than ever to have a reliable solution for composing, sending, and storing text messages. Enter mysms.

At its heart, mysms is an app that allows you to text on your smartphone, your tablet, and your computer--wherever it's most convenient for you. It's a free app that you install on your phone and your tablet (Android, iOS, or Windows) and on your desktop (Mac or PC).

Once installed, you can text other mysms users for free, though business contacts may balk at having to download a new app in order to do so. If you're using an iPhone, your mobile texting options end there, as Apple does not allow a third-party app access to your text messages.


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