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DR strategies need to be creative

Zafar Anjum | July 15, 2013
Charles Clarke, Technical Director, APAC, Veeam Software, explains why organisations need to be more creative in their disaster recovery strategies and why the uptake of cloud and virtualisation in Asia is still lagging.

Multi-tiered data management system

"This is my new hobby horse," Clarke says of the multi-tiered data management system. "I'm all about this. Really it's more of a strategic think tank. As organisations are growing, the amount of data they have is expanding. They are making heavy investments in virtualisation. Like when we were talking about it earlier on, historically people make that backup to tape, hide it under the bed, bury it in a hole somewhere in a safe but what I think is happening now is that organisations are realising that they need to employ multi-tiered data protection."

"Let me give you an example. There may be an initial tier which is a backup to a desk-based system. So that would be locally, on-premise for that organisation and that facility is rapid recovery and from what I would call 'everyday disasters'.

"There may be some of that data that gets migrated onto tape as an archiving solution and maybe tape still has a role to play in that organisation and can be archived away or what's interesting for me is you're seeing the role of the cloud and cloud type methodologies and multi-tiered data protection. So we're seeing that it's not just about backup anymore to desk or to tape, it's about backup to desk, it's about backup to tape as well, it's about backup to cloud. It's about replication to another data centre. It's about replication to the cloud. (It's) the fail-over technology rather than the simple backup and recovery technology.

"So what we're seeing organisations do is start using our technology as an enabler for doing that. Our product name is Veeam Back-up and Replication, right? And it will back-up to the cloud and it will replicate and it will back-up to desk and then can be archived off the tape."

"So we are seeing organisations really taking advantage of that and starting to implement multiple tiers of data recovery so that in the event of an outage, they are not beholden to the tape device not working or to power being out for the entire building or to some other corruption that might have happened on backup that ended being popping up somewhere else. The cloud and the data centre boom that we have seen here in Singapore, the good network infrastructure that you see here in Singapore and in some other parts of the region, mostly Singapore; really emote that capability. They are an enabler."

On Veeam's growth

Veeam has been very active in the region and works with partners such as Equinix, Global Switch, NTT Singapore, and IPServerOne. In terms of growth from 2011 to 2012 in South East Asia, the company's growth has been something in the order of 200 percent. The company now has offices in Mumbai and bigger offices in Singapore.


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