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DR strategies need to be creative

Zafar Anjum | July 15, 2013
Charles Clarke, Technical Director, APAC, Veeam Software, explains why organisations need to be more creative in their disaster recovery strategies and why the uptake of cloud and virtualisation in Asia is still lagging.

I then ask him about Veeam's Virtualization Data Protection Report and give the M1 example (M1 is one of the three telcos in Singapore) and how it affected the company in terms of losing customers and the brand value in the market.

"So the Virtualization Data Protection Report was a report commissioned by Veeam actually," he says. "It's something that we have been doing on an annual basis although we actually skipped 2012. It's something we have been doing on an annual basis and basically what we do is talk to key IT decision makers and we really just want to get a flavour of what they are doing from a disaster recovery perspective."

"From our perspective what I think is particularly interesting is we try to put hard facts in the course of IT downtime. We are not the only organisation that has done it. I have read analyst reports and even reports from other vendors that have done a similar exercise but the results do always fall in line. The figures that we put in the report in terms of the 300,000 odd dollars cost of downtime seems to be something that is fairly uniform across all those studies. I think that is true across our region.

"The report that we created was focused on the USA and EMEA but I think that's true to our region as well. The cost of doing business here especially in a hub like Singapore, it potentially could be even higher for some organisations.

"Specifically with the M1 example, that was really an extension of that really because although the data protection report puts hard and fast figures around the course of IT downtime, what I guess I wanted to explore with that example was the soft course for IT downtime. Actually we have seen it in other vendors as well.

"Again from my personal experience, I am a Vodaphone customer in Australia. Vodaphone had an outage where they suffered about a 50 percent loss of service. It's about three years ago. I was a Vodaphone customer in the center of Sydney and I couldn't get a signal. So that started me thinking, how did that make me feel about Vodaphone? You know, not good in all honesty. Then when I came out with my renewal with Vodaphone, I started looking around in the market place and customers have been doing that with M1 as well. It's anecdotal but my friends and my co-workers here in Singapore who were M1 customers, that was like three days of outage for M1. That's a big deal, right? So I asked these guys, 'Your renewal is up in 2 months, are you going M1?'


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