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Don’t let a lousy worker experience cripple your customer experience

Clint Boulton | July 11, 2017
Marketing and digital teams have little trouble shaking free the budget to build new apps and software services for external customers. But what happens when a line-of-business manager asks for more money to upgrade workforce technologies to better serve internal customers?

Measuring WX efforts: LOB leaders need to institite metrics to tie WX to business outcomes to preserve investments in new technologies, talent, training and processes. Best bet: Start with quick wins, or low-hanging fruit. For example, knowledge-sharing tools in call centers can help customer service employees share and find information more quickly, reducing the time and cost to serve customers.

There are other reasons to bolster WX besides a crippled CX.

A bad WX can have potentially disastrous effects on companies’ abilities to attract and hire new talent – even if those brands enjoy great market cloud and recognition by customers. Millennials won’t suffer technology luddites lightly and websites such as Glassdoor are a few clicks away, West says.

“If it feels like the Dark Ages people won’t want to work there,” West says. “You can’t coast on your reptuation. People will shop around for better places to work.”


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