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Does Oracle have a shot in the public cloud vs. Amazon and Microsoft?

Brandon Butler | Sept. 23, 2016
Starting from scratch, Oracle’s got a solid foundation, but a long way to go, analysts say

Furthermore, Google has more of a reputation for offering bottom-of-the-market pricing for infrastructure services compared to Oracle, which has not been known to be a company that wins on low-cost pricing.

What to watch for

Oracle and Ellison are no strangers to hype. It’s one thing for a vendor to talk a big game about the cloud; it’s another to actually see execution in the market at scale. Other companies, like Verizon, have proposed a large IaaS play but not followed through. Leong says Oracle has years worth of development ahead of it to get on par with IaaS market leaders.

“Oracle is a latecomer to the public megacloud market and is not yet a leader, but our latest evaluation of the global public cloud market shows it is coming on strong,” wrote Forrester cloud analyst Dave Bartoletti in an email, noting Oracle’s strong platform for hosting databases as well as Java apps. “While Oracle IaaS solutions are lagging today, and the IaaS business generates less than $1B (Forrester estimate), enterprises should not count Oracle out - the historic shift the vendor is making to the cloud rivals the shifts IBM and MSFT have made, and we're excited to see what's next.” 


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