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Deloitte leaders detail new iOS partnership with Apple

Matt Kapko | Oct. 10, 2016
Within weeks of the iPhone 7 release, Apple announced its fourth major enterprise partnership and joined forces with Deloitte. The consultancy's CEO and digital lead share details on its new Apple- and iOS-focused practice.

Deloitte a new piece in Apple's enterprise puzzle

Following Apple's monumental agreement with IBM in 2014, the iPhone maker made subsequent deals with Cisco and SAP to expand its enterprise roadmap. Deloitte is one of world's largest SAP implementers, and it has a longstanding relationship with Cisco, according to Brinker. Deloitte's iOS practice and EnterpriseNext service will complement Apple's partnerships with Cisco and SAP, he says. 

Though IBM's business overlaps more directly with some of Deloitte's interests, Brinker says the two competing firms' deals with Apple are distinct. IBM develops enterprise iOS apps as products, for example, resells Apple hardware and offers AppleCare directly to its customers. Deloitte doesn't plan to resell any products or AppleCare support, and most of its app development will be customized based on each client's needs, according to Brinker. Deloitte's clients will "require apps that are custom integrated into their backends and … more complex than you can get off the shelf," Brinker says.

Apple has been meticulous in its approach to the business world, according to CEO Foutty, and Deloitte is confident it fits well into Apple's vision for iOS in enterprise. "What I like about how Apple's thought about their partnerships and alliances is that they have been very distinct in thinking about each of the pieces," Foutty says. "We were very explicit in that conversation with them and feel really good about how they thought about the enterprise market for each of those dimensions."


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