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Delete music from your iPhone directly, or via iTunes 12

Martyn Casserly | June 6, 2016
Make space on your iPhone by removing albums from your music library

While it's great to have every album you own always in your pocket, over time this can present storage issues - especially if you sport an 8GB iPhone. Thankfully this isn't as much of an issue as you might think.

Any music you buy from the iTunes store is always available to download again if you delete it, and Apple's iTunes Match means that you can have access to your entire sonic catalogue for £21.99 (about 40SGD) per year, provided you're happy to stream or selectively download content when you need it. There's also Apple Music, which offers a huge collection of music and videos ready to stream at any time for £10 (about 18SGD) a month. 

The great thing about iTunes Match and Apple Music is you can download any track from your collection and listen to it whenever you want (as long as you have a data connection). It's also good because you can delete any tracks on your phone if you need to and be confident that they will still be there in the cloud the next time you want to play them.

If you'd prefer not to store your music in the cloud, you can still go old school and use your Mac or PC as the central storage hub for your library, and plug your phone in when you want to sync up albums.

So, with these failsafes in place, how can you delete music from your iPhone and free up space for videos, photos, and games?

How to delete music from an iPhone: One album at a time

By default, the iPhone Music app doesn't only show the music stored on your iPhone - it also shows every song or album you have purchased from your iTunes account, even if that track isn't on your phone. If you are an iTunes Match subscriber you'll see every track and album you own, even if that track is only stored in the cloud and not on your device.

This can be a little confusing when you're trying to ascertain which tracks to remove, so the first thing to do is change the settings. To do this go to Settings > Music > Show All Music and slide the button to the left, turning it off.

Now when you launch the Music app you'll have a much clearer picture of the content that is stored on your phone.

To delete any of the albums or songs in your library start by selecting Albums or Songs from the bottom menu (if you can't see one of these options click on More).


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