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Daylite 6 review: Excellent for creating, managing, and keeping business opportunities

Jeffery Battersby | Dec. 23, 2015
Daylite keeps you focused on your current and potential clients.

For example, if you look at Daylite’s calendar you’ll see your personal calendar, a calendar for all users and resources and individual calendars for each of your team members. This allows you to very quickly see what’s going on in your organization and make day-to-day assessments of what’s on tap.

Since this is a collaboration tool, it’s important to have a way to manage what users can see and who has access to what information. Daylite offers (within the app’s preferences) tools for managing access to any Daylite object. Using the permissions tool you can create permissions presets that provide a defined set of permissions for specific users and groups and then apply those permissions to the objects you want. My only complaint about the permissions tool is that it requires that you restart Daylite for every new permissions change you make.

Mail management

One of my favorite Daylite features is the app’s Mail Assistant. When you install Daylite a Mail app extension gets installed that links Apple’s Mail app to Daylite. Once installed a new sidebar appears in the Mail app allowing you to quickly link any email message to an existing Daylite contact, objective, task, and apply viewing permissions. When you do this the email message you’ve linked appears within Daylite.

Linked email messages become part of your Daylite database, where you can make changes to a document, update permissions, and link them to other objects. This makes no changes to the original email message.

Import(ant) fix not in

I said earlier that there was one thing that wasn’t fixed since my previous review. I confess now that I was only half accurate. Both of the things I complained about in my last review still haven’t been fixed in Daylite 6, the second item being the introduction and duplication of contacts when importing Calendar app data.

In short, if you import calendar data and you have calendar items with contact information embedded in them, you will end up with a Daylite contact record for every one of those events. The upside is that it’s unlikely you’ll import calendar data more than once, but seriously folks... you’ve had some time to work this out. Hopefully it will be resolved by the time Daylite 7 is released. Or sooner! (I hope.)

Bottom line

Unfixed issues aside, Daylite 6 remains an excellent tool for creating, managing, and keeping business and business opportunities. The app’s Mail Assistant streamlines linking correspondence to Daylite clients and projects and Marketcircle’s cloud-based hosted service offers “always-on” access to servers that you don’t have to manage. If centralized client management is what you need you’ll be hard pressed to find a better tool than Daylite.


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