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Daylite 6 review: Excellent for creating, managing, and keeping business opportunities

Jeffery Battersby | Dec. 23, 2015
Daylite keeps you focused on your current and potential clients.

Daylite, Marketcircle’s contact, schedule, project, and sales management program, is designed to help you stay on top of everything your business is doing. It’s purpose is to keep you focused on two objectives: Tracking new business opportunities and following through on what you promise to current and potential customers.

Daylite can be used by organizations with users who need access to company data on all their devices no matter where they are. When I last reviewed the app Marketcircle offered a self-hosted option: you set up your own server in your office and managed it like any other server, or they recommended you use Macminicolo’s colocation services, which is kind of like self-hosting with a better backbone—Macminicolo offers stellar, Mac-based colocation services. Marketcircle still offers these two options for $300 per user, but now also offers a cloud-based hosted service option starting at $29 per user per month.

Daylite 6

For the purposes of this review I used Marketcircle’s cloud-based service with initial data that was created by Marketcircle. I found it to be fast, quickly synced across all my devices (as long as I had access to the Internet), and overall worked quite well.

I have to laugh a little here, as one of the things I complained about in my last review remains an issue in the current version of Daylite. In short, all the video tutorials on Marketcircle’s website are about Daylite 5. Fortunately there’s not a huge UI difference between versions 5 and 6, but they are different enough that new Daylite users might find themselves looking for things that don’t exist in the same exact locations as they are in the videos. I recommend clicking the Help menu and downloading the User Guide, which is up to date. (Although, the document’s footers all reference Daylite 5!) This documentation issue is also mitigated somewhat by Daylite’s new First Run Tips feature, which displays context-specific information related to Daylite’s features.

Daylite’s new First Run Tips.

Everything in one place

The main idea behind Daylite is to centralize every aspect of your business in a single location and allow everyone involved in a project to update information. Daylite’s sidebar provides one-click access to the app’s Calendar, Contact, Objectives, Tasks, Notes & Email, Forms, and Groups. Because this is a tool designed for group work, most of the items in the sidebar allow you to quickly filter the information you see either by using the search tool or by selecting a specific item.



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