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Data will be the business of 2017

Rick Scurfield, President, NetApp APAC | Jan. 31, 2017
With data so valuable to success, it has become the new currency of the digital age and has the potential to reshape every facet of the enterprise from business models to technology and user expectations.

Data becomes a proactive business enabler for enterprises

Data will no longer take a back seat where it is being used to analyze trends and insights, but its role becomes a key transformative driver in delivering real-time e-services for knowledge-based consumers. Companies in the transportation, fitness, entertainment and leisure industries will deliver a fresh new level of predictive solutions which are intelligent and integrates consumer preferences with real-time, competitive service offerings. Companies such as Didi Chuxing and Grab are examples of leaders in leveraging the use of data.

Cloud Services becomes portable

The Cloud will evolve into a marketplace where usage and services are brokered and rates negotiated. Inter-Cloud as-a-service portability becomes easy and pervasive due to new data services being rolled-out.

Data placement will be ubiquitous

Automation, data-tiering and policy-driven processes will extend data storage into a secure hybrid cloud architecture supported by global data management capabilities across all protocols and media. New storage opex models will evolve as software-defined everything continues to meet the flexibility demanded by enterprises, which will further accelerate their digital transformation journey.


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