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Dark data creates blind spots for organisations

Gary Hilson | June 27, 2016
Data is going unnoticed-Is it creating a problem for organisations?

Opening up the world of dark data is reliant on connecting data in structured databases, such as CRM tools, to unstructured content throughout an organization. "The connection of these two is a clue to opening up the world of dark data," said Milliken. The challenge with unstructured data is how users organize their files is completely arbitrary - their folder structure makes sense to them, but may not may not make sense to a co-worker. How information is organization is highly subjective based on the company and the individuals within it.

Unfortunately, there's no ready clues to alert companies that they may have a dark data problem, although there are often indirect hints, said Milliken. An audit that took too long because information was difficult to track down or a bottleneck in a workflow. "Usually companies have some symptom - something else is awry in the company," he said.

"Some processes aren't working. Customer satisfaction is dropping. Audits are failing."

Source: IT World Canada


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