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Crystal Solutions helps WalPlast migrate to an 'open source' platform

Yogesh Gupta | March 25, 2013
Crystal Solutions had deployed a UTM/firewall solution for Walplast a few years ago. And, in September last year, during a routine sales visit, the team sensed that Walplast's management was facing problems with Microsoft's licenses. Read how Crystal Solutions helped Walplast save a ton on cost with a scalable open source implementation.

Walplast had been using SAP Business One ERP and was concerned about the applications which needed to be virtualized. Rather than using Citrix for VDI, Crystal suggested a more economical option of using Propalms.

"The SAP team suggested Citrix too, as the two were compatible. However, the Citrix option was too expensive and we decided shelve that plan. With Propalms, not only was the price a winning factor but the solution too was at par with Citrix," says Nair. Although there were teething troubles like application portability, they managed to surmount the challenge.

It took almost a month for Crystal to migrate from proprietary to open source and then virtualize the SAP applications. "Although we were well versed with CentOS, we did not have much knowledge about SAP. The team at Walplast knew the nuances and helped us," says Dolas.

The initial migration at Walplast was done across 100 systems mainly at the company's corporate office in Navi Mumbai, says Bhanushali. Today, they have done much more. "We have shifted half of the systems in the head office and all factory systems to open source," says Nair.

The Perfect Solution

A Microsoft renewal would have cost Walplast almost Rs 25,000 per machine. "For 100 machines that would be a mammoth investment for a SME like us," says Nair.

According to him, the migration from the existing technology to a new one saved them from incurring huge costs on the licensing front. Also, Propalms vis-à-vis Citrix is almost 40 percent less expensive, which saved Walplast an additional Rs 8 lakh. Bhanushali adds that he sensed the opportunity of becoming a reliable consultant for a fast-growing company like Walplast.

"Crystal, as a consultant, had good knowledge of the solution, which was quite compelling. I was not aware of Propalms until they introduced it to us," says Nair.

"CentOS and Propalms was a winning combination from their point of view as it saved them almost Rs 30 lakh against what other existing vendors were providing," says Bhanushali.

Built for the Future

Walplast will run these 100-odd PCs (with migrated infrastructure) for another quarter before deciding on the next set of machines that are to be sent down the open source route.

The company is expected to close at about Rs 375 crore this fiscal. "Huge savings is the biggest benefit from the project," says Nair. " From a security aspect, Linux is quite secure and is a robust platform. There was no need to install an anti-virus after the migration from proprietary architecture."

"We suggested a viable solution, and they believed in us, and gave us an opportunity to prove our worth," says Bhanushali.


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