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Climbers conduct mobile banking transactions on Mount Everest

Jack Loo | May 23, 2013
The exercise was carried out using Standard Chartered’s Breeze apps

Mount Everest

Standard Chartered has pulled off one of the most extreme public relations exercise when the bank had two mountaineers use its Breeze mobile banking app on Mount Everest.

Climbers Horacio Galanti and Horacio Cunietti successfully traded shares with Breeze Trade app and conducted funds transfers with Breeze Banking app at Everest Camp 3 located at 6,500 m then confirmed their bank account balances with Breeze Balance at Everest Camp 4 located at 8,000 m.

The achievements come after the pair made history earlier in their journey with the world's first stock trade for 50 Standard Chartered shares at the Mount Everest South Base Camp at 5,364 m using the Breeze Trade app.

The duo also took time in helping out with the restoration of Mount Everest by recovering debris left behind by other expeditions over the decades.

"This challenge really shows how far mobile technology has come, in that it's possible to bank anytime, even from the most extreme locations on the planet. Breeze mobile banking apps were developed in Singapore and now they've reached the top of the world," said Aman Narain, Standard Chartered's Group Head of Digital Banking. He is based in Singapore.

"On our journey we experienced ice, snow, moving glaciers, hurricane force winds and temperatures that dipped to -40 deg C. Not many people can say they have been able to do their banking on the highest mountain on earth!" said mountaineer Horacio Galanti.

The bank's suite of banking and lifestyle apps, including Breeze Banking, Breeze Home, Breeze Good Life and Breeze Trade, have been downloaded by more than one million users worldwide. As part of its global corporate sponsorship initiative, Standard Chartered is a major supporter of celebrated football club Liverpool FC.


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