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Citrix end-to-end security is this their secret sauce?

Anthony Caruana (CSO Online) | July 13, 2015
As the head of Citrix’s networking products, Phil Caleno has a chance to get a deep look into networks and understand the type of threats customers are facing.

"If it's web or secure web let it [potentially malicious traffic] go through".

This is where newer systems show their value in Caleno's eyes. While next generation firewalls do a solid job when it comes to detecting and blocking known attack vectors, business aware systems - that know the difference between a correctly formed and contextually valid HTTP request and a correctly formed but contextually invalid request that is not congruent with business processes and rules - are becoming increasingly important.

This is the difference between a next generation firewall and a business-aware web application firewall can do - and this is where Caleno sees Citrix's advantage and they can track everything that is happening from the application, running in a data centre, to the secure end-point device.

"It's about what fits into the valid business rules and what looks like a valid HTTP request," he says.

Caleno told us Citrix's CloudBridge solution can also secure data exchange between different infrastructure components. In today's cloud-enabled enterprise, it's possible that compute, applications, storage and other services may be separated from each other. Hence, there's a need, in company security policies, to reconsider how data is secured between components that historically resided in the one device or data centre.

Source: CSO Australia


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