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CIOs lead digital transformation in modern era: Mark Ferrer, SAP

Yogesh Gupta | June 29, 2016
Organizations demand more of cloud-like buying experience to move from capex to opex says Mark Ferrer, SAP.

Why is there so much impatience in tech world?

Think about the customer loyalty. A person walks into a retail outlet which may have say seven different platforms. The store knows his or her presence through their mobile and they instantly have the entire 'buying trend' data of the user in the past from their store or their competition. They can shoot promotions for a much more robotic experience for the user during his visit. It's the front end experience and mapping the buying intent and the capture of all data.

Disruption is happening at a pace never seen before. I have been in the business for 30 years starting off as an engineer at IBM in 1982. That pace and its change we thought was fast. For example Uber a disruptor two years ago is being disrupted. Discreet manufacturers are now becoming data companies. We work with a retailer who is becoming a retail banking company and they are looking for SAP banking solutions.

The rapid change of technology is good for the consumer. But if you are CMO or CHRO or CIO, you want to get ahead of the pace of change because it's a closely tied to company's performance than it has ever been.

Big Data, Cloud and Mobility are the big catalysts in digital economy. But there are far and few projects on IoT and big data in India?

From GTM side, we have oriented our teams around the new trends in the industry. For big data projects across most geographies, data scientists assist and manage Hadoop, social, internal data, multiple source of data and different formats of data. Bringing everything together varies by the industry. It's the same for IoT conversation that is not limited for discreet manufacturers. Companies manage the data and add value to provide a service experience for repeat value for consumers over competition.

All of these tech trends are exploding and we are at the center point of the market transition. That's why HANA has been one of our best innovations which delivers these technologies in real time. The ability to manage different formats of data securely in real time powered by HANA has been the cornerstone of our conversations with the clients.

Collaboration with partners around HANA is a critical component to our success. Be it silicon graphics, HP, IBM for name few of the many hardware OEMs. HANA cloud platform has the ability to extend apps in a simple way using a standard stack, leveraging open source, connecting into Hadoop that allow to build extensions - even around old platforms - and provide performance.

You are responsible to strategically shape up SAP's business for more than half a dozen major markets. How different and important is India?


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